Marathon Season – Do’s & Don’ts

It’s that time of year! Ballot results for the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon are in. If you are one of the fortunate thousands to get into the London Marathon or you’ve entered another one of the many great marathon events held throughout the UK, its time to think seriously about your training. Whether you […]

TEAM GB: HENRY NWUME – Testimonial

Henry Nwume represented Team GB in the four-man bobsleigh at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. He’s been back in our speed centre lately. Here is his story about his experience at The Running School: “I’d first come to The Running School before the Vancouver Olympics when I’d significantly improved my speed working with Mike. […]

Triathlon Pre-Season Training

Are you going to make the same mistake again this year? Well maybe not you exactly because, surely, you have never made any of these mistakes. But your fellow triathletes have! Every year in the autumn, all triathletes – recreational, experienced and professional – review their season and set targets on what they want to […]

World Triathlon Success – Testimonial

Carmen Macheriotou came third in her age category at the 2013 ITU WORLD TRIATHLON GRAND FINAL LONDON – competing against the world’s best in her age group. She worked with Mike Antoniades, Performance Director of The Running School, in the weeks leading up to this world class triathlon competition. Here’s what she had to say […]

Marathon Madness

It seems that everyone is marathon-mad at the moment. The Running School has been very busy developing marathon training programmes for marathoners and half-marathoners. Mike Antoniades has been very busy giving presentations on marathon training, including a very successful marathon masterclass at Sweaty Betty in Soho, London this past week. He’s provided Sweaty Betty blog […]

The Legend of Magic Mike!

A thanks to Chris Mallac, Head of Performance at London-Irish Rugby Union Club, and to Sports Injury Bulletin for letting us share the article below! This is the story of Magic Mike: “This is a story about Magic Mike. Mike is otherwise known as Mike Antoniades who is the Performance Director at ‘The Running School’ […]

Dynamic Movement Skills comes to Leighton Buzzard

The Running School is pleased to introduce its newest members of the Dynamic Movement Skills Team: Nikki and Trevor Killick! Nikki & Trevor run the Move Better Fitness Academy and are currently working in the Bedfordshire /Buckinghamshire area setting up the Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) system to help athletes improve their movement and performance in […]

Lift your knees to run faster? Does this work?

“I was working with an elite sprinter in Germany and her coach recently. We were looking at the reason why she was getting a lot of hamstring tightness and hip flexor pain. So the athlete was going through some runs after a good warm-up and the coach is shouting “Lift your knees, get your knees […]

Mike’s Blog – The Running Show

Very Interesting two days at the Running Show. For the first time at a show we run three Technique workshops as well as doing a couple of presentations on Speed development, and the feedback was great! Sometimes (well a lot more than just sometimes) I get distracted while trying to run the business and develop […]

Mike’s Blog – DAY 9 & It’s all over!

It’s done all 985 miles completed! I actually debated doing another few miles to get to 1000, but the knees said Nope. I am sure you don’t want to hear about the actual last 105 miles! The three people who are probably reading this blog are bored of hearing about weather, hills (the hills!) the […]


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