Debbie Brazier

Debbie Brazier


About Us:

My name is Debbie,  I have been a recreational runner for over 25 years and have lost count of the events I've completed, from 5km to ultra distance and 24hr endurance events.

I am a Certified Running Technique specialist (CRTS) and qualified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) with over 10 years coaching experience, both adults & kids. In addition to BMA Running, I am a longstanding coach for my  fantastic local running club,  Newburgh Dunes Running club.

As a coach, I am passionate about running longevity & helping people to achieve their full running potential whilst remaining injury free.... but it's not just about running and sports, The benefits of movement on our physical & mental wellbeing are undisputed and there is increasing evidence to support the benefits of movement on improving focus and reducing the risk of dementia, depression and a wide range of other illnesses.

BMA Running is a specialist Movement & Running Academy, located on the edge of the Forvie nature reserve, an area of outstanding beauty on the Aberdeenshire coast,  12 miles north of Aberdeen City.


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