Lead Instructor

Mike Antoniades, Performance & Rehabilitation Specialist

Mike is the founder and Performance & Rehabilitation Director of the Movement & Running School, specialising in speed coaching, movement re-patterning and rehabilitation after injury or surgery….

Mike has been a coach for 30 years and has worked in the UK, Europe and the USA. He is a qualified UEFA Coach, Speed Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Specialist. He has worked as a coach at professional and academy level in the UK and Europe and works as a coaching consultant for a number of professional Football clubs as well as track and field athletes in the UK and Europe.

He set-up the first Rehabilitation & Speed centre in 1999 in the UK and Clients include among others athletes and teams from, The English Premiership, English Championship, Rugby Union, Rugby league, Handball, Lacrosse, European Olympic Associations,. Elite Track & Field athletes including World & Olympic Gold Medalists.

Mike runs education courses and workshops for coaches, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists and has been described as one of the UK’s most Innovative Speed Coaches and Rehabilitation Specialist. He runs coaching workshops, courses and seminars on Speed and Power Development and Movement Rehabilitation. He has run courses in the UK, Europe, and the USA and is a guest lecturer a couple of Universities on Injury prevention and Rehabilitation.

The Running School has several centres in Europe and the rest of the world plus two Speed Centres in two Professional Football Clubs Bolton Wanderers and Crystal Place FC.

Mike is the co- author of two books on Youth Fitness, 101 Fitness Drills for 7-11 & 12-16 years and “My Travel Fitness” a book on getting fit and staying fit while you travel. He is also the author and producer of the DVD on developing speed in football called “Feel the Speed”.

He has been featured on TV in the UK, Europe and in the USA and in a number of newspapers and magazines for his work with kids movement, running and elite athletes – : BBC News, Sky Sports, Runners World, Running Fitness, The Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Ultrafit etc. His training methodologies have also been highlighted on the BBC Sports Academy.