Online Courses

Online appointments allow you to contact us from anywhere you have internet access. This may be perfect for you if you cannot come into one of our centres,  but need to improve your performance or your running or recover from an injury and get back to sport.

​We have a reputation for outstanding rehabilitation results. You can now benefit from our unique expertise wherever you are.  We have been providing rehabilitation services for over 25 years.

How does it work?

The first thing we do with people we see at The Movement & Running School is to analyse your movement to understand what is going on. This applies to injuries as well as running re-education and performance development. After the initial consultation we decide the best movement-based treatment possible and begin the process of re-patterning.

  • Re-patterning will not just help you get pain free in the short term. But it will also help to improve your overall biomechanics so that you don’t get re-injured in the future. We apply Movement Re-patterning to walking, running and sprinting as well as jumping and turning.

Your body is designed to heal itself, research shows that treatment through movement and exercise based rehabilitation is the most effective way to manage your condition and get better.  By taking a thorough history and treating through movement, exercises and advice is the most effective way to manage many conditions

With our rehabilitation and performance experience we can provide this treatment effectively over a video call and we have being working remotely with elite and recreational athletes and patients with neurological issues and pain for many years, offering the same services we offer in our centres.


The Process:

  1. We take a thorough history of your problem exactly as we would do in our centre, by asking you questions.
  2. Following that, we will ask you to do a series of functional movements and tests and this allows us to observe what you are doing and how you are doing it. These tests and movements are exactly the same as we use in our functional movement analysis in our centres.
  3. To be able to see all of your movements we need to assess, we may ask you to move your device around and wear clothing that allows us to see different areas of the body and specifically where the problem is.
  4. It is preferable to be in a room with no interruptions and you will need enough space to stand and move around. 

 What you need:

  • A phone, computer, or tablet for video calls
  • Space to move and stand.
  • Comfortable training clothing

During the appointment we will also demonstrate and show you the movements or exercises. We will ask you to try them and test them in front of your device’s screen so we can watch and teach you and make any necessary adjustments to your technique.

After the consultation you will receive personalised exercise with pictures and/or videos and will have direct access to us via email.

If you are following a Movement Re-education course, you will receive a detailed weekly programme and have a weekly online consultation with your specialist to monitor how you progress and also to observe your movements and answer your queries.

Who can you talk to online?

The Movement and Running School team consists of experienced Rehab and Performance Specialists and Sports and Physical Therapists.

Self-payment fees with

  • Initial consultation: £50 for 45 minutes
  • Follow-up consultation: £40 for 30 minutes

How to book a video consultation

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment you can email us at

Contact us

Not sure your injury can be treated online? Ask us. Email us we aim to answer emails within 24 hours (it may take longer on weekends and UK public holidays).

Please understand that we cannot provide a diagnosis or rehabilitation advice unless we have had a full consultation.