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Whether you have been running for a long time or have just started, your running technique can be a major factor in becoming more efficient and avoiding injuries.

If you match any of the below criteria, then you will benefit from the expertise of our Master Coaches:

This could be for you if…

  • Your times have plateaued and you can’t seem to get any faster no matter how hard you train
  • You want to improve your personal bests
  • You have some injuries and pains and you’d like to find out what the real cause might be
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on therapy treatments, but you still keep getting injured
  • You want your running to feel easier, lighter, and more efficient
  • You are unable to come see us in person

How It Works

  • Decide if You Want to Run More Efficiently & Run Faster
  • Send us your videos and get your technique analyzed
  • Get session-by-session technique coaching instructions by video on what to change, how to change and when
  • Follow day by day technique running programmed
  • Get extra videos on mobility, strength and warm-up
  • Access Anywhere! Access your technique coaching, mobility, and strength videos, as well as your technique training plan from any device, anytime.
  • Get re-analyzed to see how you’ve improved with tips to improve further
  • Imagine what it would be like to run and train consistently, improve your personal best time in races without the interruption of injury.

Having your technique analysed is the first step to improving your efficiency, avoiding injury and increasing your speed! The analysis is performed by one of our Master Coaches led by Mike Antoniades our Performance & Rehabilitation director. They have in-depth knowledge of running biomechanics and advanced running techniques. Our Master Coaches will give you a detailed breakdown of your running technique so that you and if you decide to take our Online Running Technique Coaching programme we will also give you detailed advice on how to avoid common running issues and improve your speed.

We are one of the leading Running Technique and Running Coaching organisations in the world. We have been analysing and coaching runners to run faster and more efficiently and assisting with rehabilitation after injury or surgery since 1994. We have worked with over 35,000 individuals.

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