Jayne Nixon


Physiotherapist Jayne graduated from the University of Ulster in 1994, with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy. She completed a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2013 at the University of Cardiff. She has worked for both the NHS and Ministry of Defence for the last 20 years and has also worked in the Private sector for 15 years on a part time basis. She has special interests in Lower Limb injuries, Exercise for Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries and Advanced Biomechanics. With a team working approach to lower limb biomechanics and movement analysis, she has worked in rehabilitation aimed at running and walking gait and has developed a specialty in hip and groin pain as well as Tendinopathy. With a vast working knowledge of biomechanics and rehabilitation Jayne works in a holistic way to problem solve using the whole of the kinetic chain to obtain positive results. She has worked successfully with Olympic gymnasts and International runners as well as recreational weekend warriors and those wishing to return to sport. Jayne has a special interest in children with running, movement and coordination issues, and believes that with good assessment and training most children could improve their running, strength and co-ordination, with just a little help and guidance. Jayne is married and when not working she is a walking the hills with her husband, running or cooking for friends and family. You will always find an odd book of recipes, psychology, or medical text book in Jayne’s oversized handbag!