Lucy Parkinson

Rehabilitation and Performance Specialist

Rehabilitation and Performance Specialist Rehabilitation and Performance specialist Lucy graduated from Millennium Performing Arts as a Professional dancer. She is a certified personal trainer and is currently studying Physiotherapy at Kings College London. Having worked as a professional dancer she has experienced many injuries and understands the frustrations associated with them. Lucy began her journey at The Running School as a client attending for rehab of a chronic back injury so has first hand experience of how beneficial and successful the methodology is. She has been working at The Running School since early 2018 and has experience working with a variety of clients from stroke patients to professional athletes, children with movement issues to adults with debilitating injuries. She finds nothing more rewarding than helping a client reach their goals especially helping rehab patients reduce their pain. Lucy enjoys running for fitness, achieving her first half marathon this year and hoping to complete her first marathon next year. She is also a keen netball player playing for a league in North London.