Advanced Running Technique Coach Level 3

Advanced Running Technique Coach

Advanced Running Technique Coach Level 3


The Advanced Running Technique Coach (ARTC) course will provide you with advanced skills and knowledge to coach running technique, coach runners using training programmes, develop training programmes and coach children from the age of 7.

The Level 3 ARTC course is a progression from the Running Technique Coach (Level 1 & 2) course.

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Product Overview

You will learn how to structure training programmes and progress runners from 5K to half marathons. Furthermore, you will learn how to coach running technique for children from the age of 7 and how to prepare and deliver training sessions. You will also have access to our Schools Running Programme.

The detailed training programmes which have been used by elite and recreational coaches,  will incorporate: Running Technique progression, Interval Training, Speed Training & Hill Training programmes and strength training for runners as well recovery and mobility sessions.

What you will Learn

  • Running Technique Biomechanics
  • Running Movement Patterns & Injuries
  • Running Technique Coaching – Theory
  • Running Technique Coaching – Practical
  • Structuring Training Sessions
  • Developing Training Programmes
  • Development of Training Programmes 5K, 10K, Half Marathon
  • Introduction to Dynamic Movement Skills
  • Coaching Beginner Runners
  • Coaching Intermediate Runners
  • Case studies
  • Muscle Activation
  • Mobility For Runners
  • Coaching & Training Sessions

What you get

  • Coaches Handbook
  • Detailed Running Sessions
  • Detailed Running Drills
  • Mobility and Activation Library
  • Certificate and Certification logo/badge

You will receive a comprehensive training manual with practical session plans that you can uses straight away. You will also receive a library of videos and images of exercises. More importantly, in Level 3 you will gain the expertise to be able to design your own sessions according to the needs and goals of your clients.

This gives you the option to set up in business or add to the services you already provide at your current clinic or group.

How to get certified

The 2 day Running Technique Coach Course and the 4 day Advanced Running Technique Coach courses combine both theory and practical coaching sessions, where you will be coached and coach others. All coaching sessions will be outdoors. To receive your certification, you are required to attend the entirety of the course, pass the practical coaching assessment and receive a pass mark on the multiple-choice questionnaire.

Once certified you will receive a certificate and a badge you can display online.

Once you have completed your 50 coaching hours you will be listed on our website as a Running Technique Coach with your location and contact details. The practical coaching hours are the most important part of your training. The knowledge and theory you gain will be consolidated and enhanced through practical experience. It is the coaching process that helps you develop the observation expertise to coach individuals and groups and  know what changes you need to make.

For those candidates attending a course in person, the hours that you coaching during the course, may be used towards the 50 coaching hours as long as a coaching/observation log is filled out.

Progress with The Running School

The highest certification you can achieve with The Running School is to become a Certified Running Technique Specialist. Below is the coaching pathway from Running Technique Coach (Level II) through to Certified Running Technique Specialist.

Running Technique Coach Pathway

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

The ARTC (Level III) course is open to:

  • Coaches who have completed RTC (Level II) course
  • Coaches who have been coaching regularly for at least 2 years
  • Level III Personal Trainers
  • Therapists

Training Venue for Workshop Courses

Training Venue for Workshop Courses

All onsite training will take place at our Running School Headquarters at the address below. Your online training can be done from wherever you are:

The Movement & Running School

Wasps FC Training Ground

Twyford Avenue


W3 9QA


Telephone: 0208 743 6047