DMS® Upper Body Course and System Package


DMS® Upper Body Course and System Package

£395.00 £300.00

For a limited time only, our past course attendees will receive the Dynamic Movement Skills® Upper Body system and a place on the DMS® Upper Body CPD Coaching course for a special price.
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Product Overview

This system will include the Dynamic Movement Skills Upper Body Mat, an electronic manual and access to our video library with exercises, mobility testing and instructions.

Also included is a place on our CPD course where you can get certified to train and coach using the Dynamic Movement Skills Upper Body™ training system. Attendees will learn how to use the DMS Upper Body Module which has been developed to progress patients and athletes with upper body restrictions, injuries and pain.

This is a one day CPD course with options in Manchester and London.

We go through a series of movement patterns designed to improve mobility, transmission time and firing sequence of the Central Nervous System to improve functional movement and correct inefficient movement patterns. The progression is from basic Movement re-education to functional neuromotor stimulation and then to dynamic movement.