Football Speed and Ball Mastery Workshop

Football Speed and Ball Mastery Workshop


The Running School and The Academy Player are teaming up to offer Football Speed and Ball Mastery Workshops. The sessions will be designed to teach the following to young footballers;

Football Coaching sessions on:

  • Multi-Directional Quickness
  • Multi-Directional Explosiveness
  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Dynamic Movement Skills- Quick Feet
  • Passing with Speed
  • Speed of Thought
  • Functional Biomechanics
  • Training Drills from a Number of the Top European Teams
  • Improve Technique
  • Game Understanding
  • Ball Mastery
  • Decision Making

We have set up two weekday workshops during the Easter holidays:

Tuesday 6th of April at 11am-12:30pm
Wednesday 7th of April at 12pm-1:30pm

£35 per child, per workshop

Product Overview

Discover how to develop Quickness, Agility & Explosiveness!

The Running School is teaming up with Jack Gostelow from The Academy Player to bring you a unique coaching opportunity for football players of all abilities.

Arguably the biggest myth in sport is that children cannot be taught how to improve their movement coordination and ultimately speed. This is simply not true. We have developed a workshop of training that allows children of all abilities to develop their movement skills, speed and agility quickly and effectively.

Speed and quickness are skills that can be taught and not just something you were born with. By using a number of specialised acceleration training techniques and multi-directional speed protocols, which stimulate both the muscular and the nervous system, athletes can improve their speed, agility, acceleration and power.

About Us

The Academy Player

The Academy Player is centred on giving players the best & most relevant training techniques in football. Mastering the ball with a variety of techniques using both feet is essential in today’s game.

We look at improving players across all ages through ball & wall drills that improve first touch, passing accuracy, decision making & overall skill level.

The Movement and Running School

Successful teams implement a training philosophy and methodology that allows them to develop their athletes and stay ahead of the field.
At The Movement & Running School provide you with the methodology, knowledge and tools to analyse movement biomechanics, prevent injuries, identify weaknesses and then develop athletes that can Move Better, Run Better and Run Faster. We have developed courses which specifically apply to multi-directional sport and bring the experience of working with academy and professional footballers in the UK and Europe for over 20 years. These courses are for Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists and Rehabilitation Specialists who work with both developing and advanced athletes. We have worked with numerous clubs and also set up “Speed Labs” within clubs introducing new protocols on Rehabilitation, Movement Re-Patterning and Speed & Explosiveness.