Running Technique Coaching
28 July 2016

As a mature club level sportsman, (in football, cricket, tennis, squash, etc.), I have been active for many years, but I have not been a keen runner since my school days. Various sports injuries and rehabilitation from the injuries in mid-2015 have made me think more about running properly, and enjoying it. I have no record of competitive running since my school days of cross country inter-school competitions.

The Running School has given me dedicated advice and coaching to allow rehabilitation after injury and surgery. I have been made better aware of technique, poise, balance and coordination which have given me renewed confidence in my deportment and physical well-being. The second half of one’s life can be a tough challenge for sportsmen, but The Running School’s  dedicated coaching has offered me a new level of physical awareness and a renewed lease of life.

So often, middle-aged sportsmen retire, put on weight, lose their confidence and may never run again. This does not have to be the case and the Running School offers coaching to ensure that one can run for as long as one is able to. Running is the most natural physical exercise; learning how to do it properly with the expert advice from the trainers has given me the confidence keep on going long into the future!


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