Movement for Seniors
23 April 2018

In September 2005, following a serious illness, I decided to retire at the age of 70. I had been introduced to The Movement and Running School some time before by my son, Mike Antoniades, and had found that his exercises helped a lot the vascular pain in my legs caused by circulation problems and Varicose veins.

I then started attending the centre once a week as well as building up an hourly routine every morning at home. This became part of my life for the next 12 years until I had a very bad fall, broke my left femur in two places and had to have a hip replacement. The operation was a great success and I was visited by doctors from around the hospital to see this very fit 81 year old who was up and walking within two days and climbing stairs within five!

However by the time I was ready to resume my rehab sessions it had become obvious that although the hip was no problem whatsoever my vascular problems were causing me great pain and affecting my balance.

It is now 14 months since I came out of hospital and during that time Mike and his coaching team have worked so hard to get me mobile and as active as possible. This included regular sessions on the back pedal, strength exercises and the team taught me to walk to ensure I was moving correctly. Lots of work and exercise on balance and posture and walking with Nordic Sticks – the use of which enabled me to go on my holiday abroad, last September, instead of cancelling.

I cannot thank the team enough for all they have done for me, although I realise that I have the biggest part to play in maintaining my progress for an active life.


P.S. I am the star of the Movement for Seniors DVD! 


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