Marathon School
18 April 2018

With competitive sport having been replaced with a city job & family orientated lifestyle, I set myself a goal before my 40th birthday to make a lasting and fundamental change in my health over the course of 12 months and the first half of this goal consisted of running the London Marathon 2016 on behalf of the NSPCC.
To put into context just how much of a stretch goal this was, I’m a 6ft 4 man, weighing in excess of 120kg that couldn’t run 1 km without stopping when I signed up for the marathon!!In light of the above, a ‘cookie-cutter’ plan lifted out of a magazine or internet forum was never going to work for me. I am sure I would have just created lasting damage to my body and never even made it to the start line if I’d tried to go down this route.The thought of being ‘taught how to run’ at my age was an odd prospect (and one that I took plenty of stick for!), but over the course of 7 months The Running School totally overhauled the way I move helping me understand how important running form was in ensuring that I stayed injury free and got the most return in terms of efficiency to the effort I was putting in.
My coach worked around my schedule and helped create a bespoke training plan to meet my goals, and delivered all of this in a genuinely engaged and knowledgeable manner. Having someone who is truly invested in ensuring you meet your goals was absolutely invaluable to me.In summary, I am convinced that the picture below, and the immense sense of satisfaction that comes with it, doesn’t happen without my coaches at The Running School.

If you want someone to wave a magic wand and repair years of poor technique over 1 or 2 sessions then maybe TRS aren’t for you, but if you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable partner that is going to work as hard as you are to meet your goals then I can’t recommend The Running School highly enough, they have quite literally helped change my life!


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