Biomechanical Analysis at The Movement and Running School - Acton
19 April 2018

I’ve run for over 30 years, and for many years suffered from lower leg problems. I’m an ok runner for my age [half century looming], and I thought I was doing everything the right way – soft surface training, controlling my weight, focusing heavily on form and cross training/ core to address known weaknesses.

I was wrong. My first visit to The Movement and Running School was more than an eye opener – it was shocking; shocking in a good way. The first session involved being honest about previous running injuries. I told about most things, but decided to leave a few out; which very quickly proved pointless – these were spotted almost immediately!

My weaknesses were identified; and importantly – they all made sense to me. During the first session I was shown how to run to prevent over striding. I actually thought I knew this – but I was wrong; again. It was quite a euphoric moment – something I know I can work with in the years ahead. I left with a detailed daily home workout designed specifically to address my weaknesses. The goal: to run efficiently, fast and importantly, to help prevent repeat injuries. I can’t wait to get to my next session!


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