Walking Re-Education
28 July 2016

Things are going well, after my appointment the other day around my SI joint was burning like mad & I went to natural history museum & pottered round a bit not knowing what would be the outcome but it just stopped & the train journey back was OK.
When I woke up day after my calves were very tight especially the left one, I had a numb sensation in an area underneath my left scapula also.
The exercises are going fine, backwards walking in pool after I have done it I can feel a bit locked in the vertebrae between my scapula`s & get a variety of neck & shoulder pain, this isn’t unusual though after I’ve been to pool. As I’ve had as much problem with my neck as I have my hip its just it all culminated with all the injury to my hip.
When I go out walking with the longer stride & swinging my arms from the shoulder I can really feel my left hip flexors & glutes start to ache I feel right hip flexors a bit too. When I initially try to extend my stride it feels like I have a tight elastic band round my waist I have to really push but once I get in a rhythm its fine. Yesterday I could really feel my lower back after the walk but I think I might have swung my arms a bit higher & I was really stiff in lower back when I got into the car.
When I get up every morning I generally feel like I’ve been hit by a truck I just feel really stiff all over but after not being able to move for 10yrs post injury I’m thinking this is to be expected. My SI pain is the same as it usually is but since my last appointment I feel a bit freer around the anterior aspect of my hip, the musculature always felt like for want of a better description an old chewed up toffee but I haven’t been reaching for the heat pack for that area also. I am really enjoying all the exercise though, walking through the wood feels fantastic as I’ve just been limping through for the last decade & I kind of feel amazed that I can walk like that & not limp!



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