Running Technique Coaching
18 April 2018
I was once told that there are 3 types of runners. Runners who are injured, runners who are recovering from injury and runners who are going to be injured.

That’s a pretty scary assessment of something that a lot of us love and when we are injured find missing out on running incredibly frustrating. After 6 sessions with the team at The Running School I’m now confident that I’ll be able to show that with the right instruction, and some hard work, that old saying does not have to be reality. I can now feel the benefit that my improved technique is giving me and am already feeling that most of my old running related “niggles” are disappearing from my life. My previous major issues have certainly not raised their ugly head which is great news! I have no hesitation in recommending The Running School.

Far too many people think they know how to run and when you’ve been through proper instruction you almost wince at some runners that you see on the street. They may be running without major issue now but that is not likely to continue I encourage them to get themselves a running insurance policy!

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