I became interested in The Running School method following attendance at several of their courses as part of my osteopathic continuous professional development. As a runner myself (with personal experience of chronic injury) I had long been aware that there was a missing link in my own practice. I was very experienced in treatment of injuries using osteopathic manual therapy and rehabilitative strength training but became increasingly frustrated when my patients often presented again with the same injuries following their initial recovery. The Running School courses and training instructed me to recognise deficiencies in running action and to correct these by changing not only running technique but also making permanent changes to the compensatory body patterns that lead to repeated injury. The techniques are simple to implement but highly effective. I now use The Running School methods daily and now apply them to many of my athletes with great success. Under Instruction from the school I have now extended the techniques to a wide range of groups, including children and seniors, with movement and coordination problems. I would highly recommend the training for any individual (whether injured or just to run better and faster) or to any practitioner seeking a much more effective practice.


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