Running technique analysis or running gait analysis?

Running Training Analysis and Running Gait Analysis is not the same thing, no matter how much the specialist in the shop tries to convince you that it is. As a runner, whether experienced or inexperienced; whether you’re a recreational runner or an elite sports athlete you have probably been offered the opportunity to have your […]

Mike Antoniades – Running on the balls of your feet

“I recently read a blog on Track & Field running where the following question was asked by a competitive sprinter… “I have been having problems with running on the balls of my feet and always seem to overextend my feet which causes a braking effect and slows me down quite a bit.” The question does […]

2010 London Running Show!

Annie Emmerson interviews Mike Antoniades from the Running School on the Run247 stand at the 2010 London Running Show! Mike explains how the Running School can help every runner – from a six-year-old child to elite athletes like Christine Ohuruogu – to run faster and avoid injury. Click below to see the video…  


“I have always been an avid sportsman, enjoying competition at high levels. In August 2008 I was diagnosed with serious osteoarthritis within my right hip and was told I would need surgery as a result. After 6 months of intense rehabilitation, I had not made the progress I had hoped for and running was still […]


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