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Our philosophy is based on the principle that you have to be able to move efficiently to be able to move faster. We have spent the last 30 years developing and implementing movement, rehabilitation and speed protocols and we have worked with over 65,000 athletes and non-athletes.

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Our movement methodologies and our unique running re-education techniques have seen us work in professional sport for the past 20 years.


We have a number of partners around the world who have taken on our methodology and are successfully integrating it into their business:

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Our Story

The company, founded by Mike Antoniades, started out as Sport Dimensions in 1994, the first dedicated Speed and Rehabilitation Centre in The UK. Mike realised that rehabilitation after injury was the biggest requirement that athletes needed and Sport Dimensions became very successful in getting athletes back from injury, not only in less time, but faster and stronger.

It established a reputation across the UK as the place to go to if you have been injured or want to get faster.

Over the years, Mike developed many protocols and methodologies to change people’s movement for both rehabilitation and performance.

Mike wanted to offer recreational athletes and runners the same support system that he was offering elite and professional athletes, he set up the very first Running School® centre as a vehicle to teach people how to run and to teach them how to run faster – with amazing success.

Because of the successful results, other health professionals wanted to learn The Running School® Method. So a franchise operation and education division for The Running School® was set up to share the information and protocols with others.

Because Mike and his team specialise in much more than just running, The Movement School® was set-up to provide the link between rehabilitation and performance. We help others to move better whatever their goal whether it is for rehabilitation after injury, movement development for kids or as a falls prevention programme.

The overriding methodology behind both The Movement School® and The Running School® is the Movement Re-Patterning Method, also developed by Mike Antoniades, which is an extremely effective method in changing movement patterns for every day movement, rehabilitation, running and speed.

Courses & Education

We run education courses for Coaches, Physical and Sports
Therapists and other medical practitioners online and in person.


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