Speed Court

In the world of professional sport, speed is the key to success!

With its unique cutting-edge technology, sensors and software, the Speed Court, by Global Speed, guarantees accurate testing and development of cognitive speed (i.e. perception, decision making & spatial awareness) as well as motor speed and physical speed (i.e. explosiveness , reactive speed , co-ordination and agility). This is why many professional sports clubs like Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid and research universities and medical centres are using the Speedcourt.

We are proud to have the first Speed Court in the UK within our Speed & Rehab Centre in Acton, London which can be used for performance diagnostics, speed development, rehabilitation after injury and return-to-play.

The Speed Court is one of the methods that we use here at The Movement & Running School, to get you recovering from injury faster and improving your sport speed. It is used as part of our Multi-Directional Speed Programme and our Kids Speed for Sport Programme.

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How the SpeedCourt works, with FC Bayer Leverkusen

Using the Football on the


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