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I have been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 20 years now, studying many different areas , and I can honestly say I haven’t trained in a method as exciting and inspiring as on the Certified Running Technique Specialist Course.

Mike’s method is truly amazing and his thirty years of studying running and movement results in a unique methodology that is mind blowing and second to none.

Been a runner myself it’s now a dream career to be a Certified Running Technique Specialist and I’m loving every minute of it!

I’ve had a total change of career and have moved from being a full time Pilates Teacher to a full time Running Technique Specialist and have opened my own Running Studio in Leeds.

My sole focus is now coaching Running and Movement sessions following Mike’s method and it really is the best thing I have ever done work-wise. I have people that come from all over the country to the Studio. Children, young Pentathletes, Pro Triathletes , Rugby Players , along with a huge variety of local Club Runners and Walkers and people of all ages that simply want to move and feel better in life!

The results are amazing. And my whole journey since learning the Running School Method has been truly amazing too. It’s such an inspiring , motivating and rewarding position to now be in. To be able to help people reach their own individual running , moving and walking goals in the best way that I can is the perfect vocation for me.

Nicky Green


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