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Having qualified as a primary school teacher I was unable to work for many years, eventually being diagnosed with breathing difficulties following a collapsed lung and fibromyalgia. However having made some slow progress, it was suggested that I qualify as a Pilates teacher in order to be able to help rehab people who had been through similar experiences to me.

Gradually I trained I in all elements of Pilates (mat/small equipment/large equipment/injuries and special populations etc) and started teaching 1-2-1 from my home studios. But I still felt something was missing something in the rehab teaching process and having started researching into gait, located the Certified Running Technique Coaching course and realised I had found the missing link.

I now combine Pilates and postural awareness with a full walking programme for each client so they have both a static and movement based approach which is then fully functional. This has also helped me to improve my health still further which is an added bonus!


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