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he Beechgrove Physiotherapy and Osteopathy Clinic was established in Aberdeen in 1997 and combines these two well-known therapies to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. Treatments are fast and effective for physical pain anywhere in the body. Both therapies apply manual skills and techniques of craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. These modes of treatment are effective for treating all musculoskeletal conditions such as sports injuries or back, muscle or joint pains and whiplash. Manipulation is also successfully applied to visceral (internal organ) problems such as constipation, liver and gall bladder dysfunction, asthma, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. We also have a children and baby clinic where craniosacral techniques combined with visceral treatments considerably reduce problems such as colic, sleep disturbances, crying or digestive problems in babies and children in 1 or 2 sessions. The Beechgrove Clinic became a Movement & Running School centre in April 2016 an offer the full range of Movement & Running School services. For full list of services offered by this centre, please visit Beechgrove Clinic website .


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