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DMS Coach Course

Here at The Movement & Running School, we have a very unique methodology. We like to share our information with other professionals and help them use our methods in their line of work. One way we do this is by running courses on our different methods in rehabilitation, movement and speed.

On Friday 18th November, The Movement & Running School hosted a Dynamic Movement Skills ® course at our Headquarters in Acton, London.

The course was led by Mike Antoniades, who gave an insightful view into the world of DMS ®, and also a very enjoyable practical that gave the teachers, coaches and physio’s in attendance a great look into how they can use DMS® in their line of work.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with DMS®, it is a cutting edge movement methodology for children & adults that helps develop, refine & improve gross motor skills, coordination, agility & quickness. DMS helps to develop the neuromuscular system not only on how to move, but how fast to move. For a sneak peak into DMS® in action, see the DMS® video here:

The course went down very well with the people who attended, all agreeing that Mike’s stories were fantastic, and albeit tiring, the practical was entertaining and full of great ideas that they could take away.

Some great feedback was given by all, including:

‘Very inspiring and eye opening to the world of DMS and movement’

‘Very enjoyable, a lot of valuable information that will enhance my skills’

‘A more practical understanding of how to apply DMS’

‘Outstanding, very excited to share what we have learnt’

We have just announced a new date for a DMS Coach course in 2017, we are running it on the 3rd March at our London HQ centre in Acton. If you are interested in coming to the course or would like some more information on what the course provides, then head to:

Or call us on 02087436047.

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