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Recent feedback from our workshop held in Reading for Reading Roadrunners running club

Recent feedback from our workshop held in Reading for Reading Roadrunners running club. Thanks to all and glad you all had a good time!

Barnes – Hope all those who took part in The Running School session learnt something tonight…? Remember to use those arms and cycle those legs…

Seymour – Really enjoyed the running school, going to try to put what I learnt in to practice now! hopefully it will make me run a bit faster!

Higgs – yes was good will put it into practise tomorrow

Monaghan – Really enjoyed it. Amazing how much faster I seemed to run with less effort. So glad I attended. The mosquitos seemed to enjoy it also

Phillips – I’m still a little bit blown by how much those little adjustments can improve things. I’ve not been this motivated to get out and run in a long time!

Gumbrell – It was great! My calves complained all the way through tap tonight, so it must have been good. I’m looking forward to practicing and breaking the 10-minute mile barrier a bit more often…!

Higgs – well tried it today on run up to Soning & takes a lot out of you but once you start you cant go back as running the old way just seems wrong, but my legs feel like they have been put through a mangle & squat thrusts at kick boxing tonight were hell

Monaghan – I tried it this eve also in short bursts as part of my run. It does take it out of you but I found it did less so later on in my run so I could maintain it longer.

Higgs – didnt bother with short bursts , just went all out with it , in for a penny in for a pound , perhaps thats why I ache so bloody much

Bailey – Hi Ellie. Thought it was a brilliant evening but find it very hard to do and have to shuffle every so often!

Maslin – Ellie, will there be any further such sessons? I didnt manage to do this one and from all the comments, it sounds like its definately worth doing.

Barnes – I will never say never – watch this space!

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