Let’s Talk about Walking

Those of you who know The Movement & Running School will know how much we use walking in our rehabilitation and performance re-education. Frankly I bore people to death talking about walking – showing patients how to walk, encouraging people to walk a minimum of 30 minutes EVERY DAY, re-educating neurological patients how to walk […]

5 Reasons You Keep Getting Running Injuries

Running, at its very essence, is a simple and pure sport. The open road, a wooded trail, fresh air and valuable time away from the modern world. It’s therapeutic, and a stress buster. You’ll even find that it can become addictive. The more you run, the healthier you feel. The mental and physical benefits are […]

Cadence, is 180 the Magic Number?

Myth Busting: Cadence 180 steps per minute, the magical number put forward by some coaches, therapists and online running gurus as the answer to running technique, injury prevention and running efficiency! Should you worry about your cadence not being between 180 -190 steps per minute or are you wasting time and energy? A few facts […]


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