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Dynamic Movement Skills comes to Leighton Buzzard

The Running School is pleased to introduce its newest members of the Dynamic Movement Skills Team: Nikki and Trevor Killick!

Nikki & Trevor run the Move Better Fitness Academy and are currently working in the Bedfordshire /Buckinghamshire area setting up the Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) system to help athletes improve their movement and performance in sport as well as help children to improve their fundamental movement skills.

Over the years they have worked with many different people improving function, easing back pain and improving performance. Specifically, they have run courses in rugby and football clubs, improved the speed and agility in young athletes, conditioned mixed martial artists, worked with sprinters and improved the swing of golfers. They have also been busy running Pilates, fitness training classes, and are now using the Dynamic Movement Skills system to improve the movement of all – from kids to Olympians.

“We have spent many hours studying on university courses and training with some great coaches like Steve Cotter, Alwyn Cosgrove, Mark Verstegen, Pavel Tsatsouline, Mike Antoniades, and Vern Gambetta and spent many hours on the computer completing on-line education. This has definitely helped us to get where we are today. We also believe that no one training tool has all the answers when coaching, but finding a tool or developing a new skill that really helps improve the athlete is very rewarding. The Dynamic Movement Skills system gives us another area to improve the athlete’s movement in balance and coordination and therefore efficiency in movement.”

Nikki Killick is currently working on her dissertation at Loughborough University for a Master’s in Sport Management. She also has a degree in Sport Science and is a qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor

Trevor Killick Has a Master’s in Sports Injury Management, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach and a qualified personal trainer.

For more information, please visit or call 07795 536 022

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