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Emma-Kate wins her first Ironman in Mallorca – Testimonial

“Hi Mike,

AWESOME race today. 1st place for me! I swam and biked well and came into T2 in 1st place.In seasons past, I’ve often done this and then got overtaken on the run – but NOT today!!!


If I had a £ for every time today I heard you saying to me “Cycle the legs, right arm, left leg” I’d be able to retire tonight and wouldn’t need to work again

This is a fabulous start to my 70.3 season, it’s my first Ironman win and a HUGE boost to my confidence. I’ve never got off the bike before with the amount of confidence I had today going onto the run course and there’s one reason for that: RUNNING SCHOOL!

Huge huge thanks to you & all the team for your help. And we’ve only just started

Look forward to seeing you soon,


PS Splits for you: I ran 1:28.06. I think the fastest run split was 1:25/1:26. I had a 2.5min lead coming off the bike. This was down to 42 secs by the finish line – so I hung on ok!“

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