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Hill Runs & Stair Running – Two more helpful tools!

Following on from the post; Runners Hamstrings Can Be a Right Pain in The Rear! Here are two more training tools that are a great help:

Hill Running

As well as helping with cardiovascular improvement and speed, strength and running biomechanics; hill running works the rear muscle groups very well.

Find a steep hill of about 50 metres long. Warm-up for about 20-30 minutes and then using a 20 metre run-up start your hill training.

Run up the hill focusing on cycling-up your heels so you can use your hamstrings, landing on the balls of the feet; pump your arms and keep your body upright. Run up and walk down for recovery.

Do about 20 to 25 runs overall and then cool down and stretch. Introduce hill running into your training initially once a week and then twice a week if you can.

Stair Running

Stair running provides a great strength session for the lower and upper body.

Find a set of stairs, preferably outside rather than inside your home! If you work in the city you can use your building’s stair case at lunchtime or early in the morning, when everyone else is using the lift!

Again you need to warm-up thoroughly for 20-30 minutes to get ready for work. Focus on lifting your knees, landing on the balls of the feet, pump your arms and keep your body upright, make sure you are landing as lightly as possible on the steps. Run up and walk down for recovery.

If you have 10-15 steps to work with then you need to do 3 repetitions of running up and walking down, rest for 90 seconds and repeat for 10 sets. Do a total of about 30 runs.

If you can get to a stadium or have 30 steps to run up, then you will run-up, walk down and rest for 30 seconds. Rest for 2 minutes every 3 sets. You will complete about 25 runs and then cool down and stretch, making sure you stretch your calves thoroughly. Introduce stair running into your training initially once a week.

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