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Marathon Season – Do’s & Don’ts

It’s that time of year!

Ballot results for the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon are in. If you are one of the fortunate thousands to get into the London Marathon or you’ve entered another one of the many great marathon events held throughout the UK, its time to think seriously about your training.

Whether you are training for your first marathon or you are a seasoned marathoner, DO remember these top tips…

Don’t accept that running should feel painful.
Don’t ignore your technique! Inefficient technique can slow you down and increase your risk of injury.
Don’t download a programme off the internet that’s not specifically made for you. This can often lead to injury.
Don’t try to coach yourself. It just doesn’t work!
And now for the positives…

Do get your movement and running technique analysed to see if you are moving and running efficiently!
Do get technique coaching so you can run better, less heavy, more efficiently and cause less stress on your body!
Do get a bespoke running and speed programme from someone who works with hundreds of recreational and professional runners every year!
Do get advice and coaching you throughout your marathon training!
We wish all of you the best your marathon training. And remember, The Running School is always here to help.

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