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Evening everyone. Day 2 from was pretty similar to day 1 over 110 miles. Some brutal hills with some spectacular descents. Riding time was 9. 50 total time was 10: 45.

With a couple of collisions when riders went too fast. Tough start to the day as the first hills came in the first 20 mins, which wasn’t much fun . The right knee began to complain at mile 50 but we had a discussion and I explained that we are not leaving early or giving up and it’s beginning to get it.

The scenery is spectacular when the mist clears up around 10 am. One of the touching comments every morning is enjoy the scenery , and I am sure it is but after 50 miles all you can do is get your head down and pedal so all you can see is your front wheel!

Thanks to all for the text messages of support very much appreciated !

I will communicate with you tomorrow. Many thanks for supporting Help For Heroes.

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