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Mike’s Blog – DAY 3

I sat there this morning at 5:30 am with a bowl of porridge and toast but the eyes and the stomach said NO and the brain is saying you must. I am sick of the food and the sickly sweet snacks we have given at the break points every 35 miles. I am going to the pub tomorrow!

I know why today was only 100 miles! Because the course was harder than yesterday! “The hills, the hills!” I am turning into Quasimodo! For those not old enough to remember it’s from the Hunchback of Notre Dam. The Disney version is also fun!

Anyway tough! Another 9: 30 on the bike with 3 hours sleep. Not bad. everything aches but Sudocream and Vaseline are great inventions and we endorse them! I have been cycling with two guys today who are up to my speed – slow! Both relatively experienced cyclists which makes me feel better that they are finding it tough as well! To be fair the majority of the riders, even club runners and ironman triathletes are saying it’s the hardest thing they’ve done an it’s only day 3!

Despite having the company you still find yourself cycling many hours on your own so it’s a game of self-motivation and denial of the pain to keep moving and the lactate levels in the legs and back are going through the roof.

Anyway I going to bed too tired to think!

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