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Mike’s Blog – DAY 4

It rained a lot on Monday night, tent wet everything dump, and 3 hours sleep not bad preparation for 108 miles.

The first part was relatively comfortable but the second part of the day there were strong head winds and it started raining when we hit Manchester.

Anyway day 4 is complete. I need to get some sleep tonight. It’s amazing what the human body can go through and still function! Well almost.

So I was talking to this guy at breakfast (listening to him brag) who finished the last 3 days 1st or 2 place with an average speed of 22mph! Mine by the way was 12mph! so he says yes it gets pretty lonely on the bike for 4 or 5 hours. Try doing it for 10 hours like the rest of us and see how bloody lonely and boring it gets. He carried on eating.

So they had a few guest athletes including our very own Clare Cunningham who as you know is a world silver medallist triathlete. Clare did the one day 108 miles today. I don’t know how she got on she will probably let us know. Tomorrow we have Sarah Storey the triple gold medallist riding.

I received a few text messages concerned about my conversations with my knee. I don’t understand doesn’t everyone? The R knee is bit challenged thats all and you have to explain things Today it started moaning at 10 miles so with 98 to go words were not enough so I put the leg – warmers on so it couldn’t see where we were going. It was pretty silent after that!

My 2 companions and I popped into a cafe to have a jacket potato and a coffee and I managed to go to the toilet without queuing which was a novelty! But I also caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror – not a pretty site.

Wish me luck next two days it’s going to be raining nonstop and we are going up Shap rise near Penrith check it out!

Off to get some sleep.

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