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Mike’s Blog – DAY 5

It rained all night on Tuesday night which wasn’t a lot of fun and I only slept a couple of hours.

I began the day with the staring ritual, me at the breakfast the breakfast staring back. It won in the end and I ate it.

As well as raining all night it also rained for 7 hours solid during the ride. I was on the bike for 9:30 hours. So I got very wet and cold as it everyone else. We were also not impressed with the organisers of the RAB for making camp in a waterlogged field. Everything is wet and muddy!

I discovered 3 forms of water torture over the past 24 hours!

trying to sleep in a minute tent while it’s chuckling it down all night is a form of waterboarding!
riding in The rain in a group for 7 hours means you get all the grit, mud, and water right in Your face up your nostrils. Not fun
the third one is even more alarming because from your back wheel the water comes up and splatters on your backside right between your buttocks and lower back So you want to turn around all the time to see who is pouring cold water where they shouldn’t be! mudguard is already on
So Half way with another 420 miles to go. I am tired, cold and wet but tomorrow is another day. Don’t forget Hope for Heroes. Take care.

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