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Mike’s Blog – DAY 6

Day 6 completed 108 miles and the best time average 8:35 hours on the bike. We are in Scotland staying in windy rainy Hamilton.

Knee decided it doesn’t like Scotland and the rain and cold. We are all ignoring the comments. The roads have been really bad today I think the last time they were maintained the Romans were in charge!

Tomorrow will be interesting 128 miles with rain all day and high winds. The hardest day yet, expected riding time 12 hours. It’s all mental now that everything hurts! It’s about playing little games to keep going one mile after another, one hill after another (the hills, the hills!) when you think you can’t that’s when you can.

The worst think is when you are cold, getting slower and the energy has gone and the legs are like lead. That’s when you have to find it again.
One of the guys sat down on the side of the road and just gave up half way up a hill, in tears 12 miles from camp. After a bit of food and drink and a few words we got him back on the bike and brought him to camp. Slowly, but we got here.

Thanks for all your support for Help for Heroes

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