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Mike’s Blog – DAY 7

So I knew the day was going to be hard but this hard? The night before there were Gail force winds and driving rain in Hamilton and we were up most of the night holding up the tents! The day started at 6 am with rain and high winds!

We were going the Scottish Highlands. My gears broke at mile 45 up the first mountain range and I was stuck in the same gear until mile 135! Yes, not only did we go through the mountains we did 135 miles on day 7 of 985 miles!

People were abandoning the race everywhere as with the freezing rain and howling winds it was bad! I was alone for about 4 hours and I decided to get angry! I ride better when I am ANGRY! I used every swear word in both the English and Greek language to keep me going! I was cycling downhill and standing still from the wind!

It was definitely a case of dead man cycling!

I finished at 8 pm with others still out on the course or being picked up.

When you see me don’t ask me if I enjoyed it. Enjoy is not a word I would use to describe it!

Tomorrow we do another 115 through Scotland. It’s raining again!

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