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Mike’s Blog – DAY 9 & It’s all over!

It’s done all 985 miles completed! I actually debated doing another few miles to get to 1000, but the knees said Nope.

I am sure you don’t want to hear about the actual last 105 miles! The three people who are probably reading this blog are bored of hearing about weather, hills (the hills!) the dump I won’t go on.

As James Brown famously sang –” I feel good!” you can add your own music.

It feels strange not cycling this morning but waiting for a flight to London. But it will be good to get home.

I will reflect on the whole 9 days and write a few things tomorrow but I believe that people can achieve a lot more than they think they can physically – it’s the mental side that blocks us from progressing. But as Gandhi said:

” if you believe you can do something you will. Even if you have never done it before”

Thank you to all for your support and those sending text messages.

I did this for me and to raise money for Help for Heroes the charity that helps injured armed forces get back after injury so if you haven’t donated please go on the link below and donate.

Now what can I do next????

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