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Very Interesting two days at the Running Show. For the first time at a show we run three Technique workshops as well as doing a couple of presentations on Speed development, and the feedback was great! Sometimes (well a lot more than just sometimes) I get distracted while trying to run the business and develop new methodologies that I forget why i founded The Running School.

Well a big thank you to all of you on the Running Technique Workshops over the weekend – the ones that got soaked on Saturday and the ones who laughed at my bad jokes on Sunday! Thanks for reminding me, It’s about coaching people who really want to be the best they can be! Coaching is teaching and when the pupils are so responsive it gives me a huge buzz!

I have a very busy 7 days. We are starting work in our new centre in the City on Monday the 26th of November and then I am flying to Germany on Tuesday to do some work with some elite athletes (sprinters) in Balingen, flying back to work with a professional football team in the UK and then flying to Norway to run a Speed workshop for coaches in lovely Lillehammer in Norway. The best thing is, I get to do a lot of coaching, I love my job!

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