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Patrick Dennien’s Story

Here at the Running School, we get clients from all different backgrounds, with all different stories. Some stories are worth sharing. Paddy Dennian has one of those stories.

Paddy came to see us at The Running School after a motorbike accident which resulted in him rupturing his posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). This was after suffering from 3 anterior cruciate ligament ruptures to his right knee.

Paddy decided to use The Running School for prehab in preparation for his PCL surgery. Paddy recalled this as an invaluable stage in his recovery, stating, ‘it got my leg as strong as possible ahead of surgery and the subsequent wastage that followed.’

After the surgery, Paddy conducted a 10 session program that helped him rebuild strength and mobility in his joints. However, with another bout of surgery coming up for his ACL, there was also preparation for another period of weakness on the knee.

After the surgery, Paddy realised how crucial his time with the Running School was. ‘The swelling and stiffness was markedly reduced from previous operations. My progress through the recovery milestones felt accelerated and I was able to move into more advanced rehab quicker than before.’

‘My sessions with The Running School have been challenging and progressive. They have given me the confidence to push the joint within a safe and structured environment, so I can better know the limitations and rebuild the trust in my knee. Every stage has been well explained and carefully monitored with regular checking of progress, pain, comfort and confidence.

The dynamic nature of the exercises with The Running School has given me confidence that I am facilitating future injury prevention as much as current recovery.’

Paddy continues to have sessions with The Running School, ensuring that his progress during his recovery continues. Paddy’s reasoning for this is: ‘Having conducted similar rehab twice before, the benefits of a prehab program was immediately evident post-operation. The Running School team are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and professional. Sessions are varied and progressive so you can clearly see the progress you’ve made and where you need to target.’

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in a rehab programme after injury, do not hesitate to call The Running School on 02087436047, or emailing for more information.

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