Speed & Strength for Football

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Speed & Strength for Football

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Learn and improve your strength and speed for football. Learn how to improve your strength and condition and significantly reduce your risk of injury and improve your on-pitch performance.

Delivered by qualified Rehabiliation and Speed Coaches.

Suitable for boys and girls aged 13-18 years old.


Strength, Power and Athletic Ability

Improve your strength and explosiveness for football. Learn how to improve your overall athletic ability, improve your on-pitch performance, and significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Movement Training is at the heart of everything we teach. When we focus on youth strength and conditioning, the focus is on efficient Movement Skills that can be transferred onto the field of play. Movement matters! Being able to move fast and efficiently under pressure conditions is very important when it comes to the unpredictable chaos in competitive sport.

Developing strength enables a player to better control his or her body. More powerful movement. Striking the ball, changing direction on the pitch, making a save in goal, heading the ball – all of these skills require explosive power, and the definition of power is strength plus speed.

Quickness, strength and power are skills that can be taught and not just something you were born with.

The youth athletes will be taught fundamental strength and conditioning techniques and the focus will be on developing strength, coordination, power and explosiveness.

The objective is to work during the off-season to:

  • Improve Athletic Ability for Next Season
  • Work on Quick Feet & Explosiveness
  • Work on Fundamental Strength Exercises
  • Learn the Correct Technique for the movement patterns
  • Reduce the Risk of  Injuries

Only available at The Running School in Birmingham.  Suitable for boys and girls aged 13-18 years old.

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