Who Taught You How to Run?

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Who Taught You How to Run?

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What is the truth about running technique? Can you really change it? Is it just about changing your cadence or foot strike? Or is there more to it? Can it really make you run more efficiently and run faster? Could poor technique be what’s really causing your running injuries? What do you need to do, to become a better runner?

Who Taught You How to Run? Will answer those questions and debunk common running myths. The Running School Method, based on the Movement Re-Patterning methodology, has helped thousands of runners run better, run faster, and reduce injury. We want to show you that technique training is not just for elite runners with specialist coaches; almost anyone can change their running technique. This is because our movement maps get created and “wired into our brain” through practice, the way that we train, and the way we move. But they can also be disrupted by injury or bad habit.

Discover a powerful set of tools, exercises, and training programs that you can use to re-educate your running technique to help you run faster and reduce injury.

Follow the eight-week training programme to transform your running performance. Each lesson guides you, step-by-step, on how to improve your running technique – what to change and how to practice. It includes a comprehensive exercise library to improve muscle activation, mobility, strength, and proprioception.


Discover How to Run Better, Run Faster and Prevent Injuries


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