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Live workshops are really eye-opening for both participants and presenters because they provide a platform for real-time dialogue and feedback. Delegates go away enlightened, not only by the material covered, but also the golden nuggets of practical knowledge learned from informal networking and conversations with fellow delegates.

Recently, I was invited to run a Speed Workshop for 200 football coaches in Zurich hosted by Elements of Performance; a great Performance and Physiotherapy centre right next to FC Zurich stadium.

These events are good fun, very rewarding and challenging. It’s actually doubly challenging when you have to teach through a translator as you tend to lose your flow and rhythm when you have to stop and restart.

The speed workshop presented an opportunity to work with many professional and amateur football coaches and the response was excellent. Understanding the theory of multi-directional speed is important, so we spend as much time as we need, to really nail the message home. But the majority of the time is spent on practical drills, demonstrating what to coach and what to correct when developing football speed.

I was joined by Frank Eppelman, the inventor of the Speed Court, a great testing and speed development court which is being used by Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen , Adidas and others to test and improve the reaction of their players.

The biggest hit with the coaches and the players was the introduction of The Dynamic Movement Skills system. The coaches and footballers loved it and had great fun testing their quickness and explosiveness.

Overall, the speed workshop for football coaches in Switzerland was intense, engaging, fun and enlightening for both participants and presenters.

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