Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning

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Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning

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If you have been injured or have had surgery, the most important part is to regain or correct your movement patterns to enable you to get back to fitness or your sport. We have a specialised rehabilitation center where our highly trained rehabilitation staff will guide you through a range of unique and specialised protocols to get you back to a level that will exceed your expectations. We offer supervised and specific rehabilitation sessions to ensure optimal recovery and reduced risk of re-injury. By using a combination of our unique Movement Re-patterning protocols, we will progressively help you to regain motor and neuromuscular control, improve your neuromuscular coordination and strength, and improve your range of motion. We will work in conjunction with your physiotherapist of choice to provide the best possible continuity of treatment.  We have extensive experience working with different neurological patients. We work with individuals after a stroke, or those who have Parkinson’s or MS, helping them with functional movement.
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The Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning programme is offered in a block of 6 or 12 sessions.  The first session will be a Rehabilitation & Movement Analysis.  This is where we look at your current movement, your limitations, your pain level and your goals for returning to fitness – whether its just to walk without pain or to return to elite sport.  This will help us recommend and develop personalised rehabilitation sessions.

This programme can be specialised for:

  • Sports injuries: i.e. knee, shoulder, hip, etc.
  • Back, shoulder & neck pain
  • Kids & Teenagers
  • Older Adults
  • Stroke survivors
  • People with MS or Parkinson’s
  • Falls Prevention

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London HQ, Birmingham

Number of sessions

6 session block, 12 session block, 18 session block, Kids (Under 14yrs) 6 Sessions

Booking Info

Booking Info

Once you’ve purchased your sessions please contact your preferred centre directly to make an appointment.

  • Please see a list of locations here

Gift vouchers:

If you wish to purchase sessions for someone else, please provide the recipient’s name at the checkout in the ‘Buying As A Gift?’ field.

Vouchers will be sent electronically as an e-voucher. You will receive this within 2 working days.
All purchases are valid for 12 months from purchase date.


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I can’t thank you enough for helping me recover from my ACL injury!

When I tore my ACL just before I went out to McGill University (Canada) on a soccer scholarship, I was devastated. One surgeon even told me that I would never play again, and if I did it would only be at an amateur level.

However, after spending 6 months with you guys, I feel stronger now than ever. You have guided me throughout each stage of my rehabilitation with ease, keeping me focussed and in good spirits throughout. It has been so pleasing to see myself improve week on week. I look forward to each session in the knowledge that I am getting that bit closer to a full recovery.

Carlo Mole McGill University Football Scolar Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning 27 July 2016

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I’ve gone from feeling constant pain in my hip and adductor when walking to being able to walk for 3 days around St Petersburg as a tourist with no problems at all. In terms of running, I’ve gone from not being able to run for a bus (because I used to get a shooting pain in my abs and hip soreness) to being able to do 45 minutes of running as a mixture of intervals and continuous running. I’m also able to cycle without back or adductor pain.
The Running School were the first to take a global approach to my injuries and see that my gait, movement patterns, etc. needed re-educating. They were realistic in the time frame needed to get better, honest about the work I needed to put in.

Frankie Lucas Rowing coach Rehabilitation & Movement Re-Patterning 28 July 2016

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I am really enjoying all the exercise, walking through the wood feels fantastic as I've just been limping through for the last decade & I kind of feel amazed that I can walk like that & not limp!

Samantha Hulme Chronic Pain Suffer for 20 Years Walking Re-Education 28 July 2016

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